Philips Respironics

 LoveGo meets the need

Go with LoveGo, you can manage the portable oxygen needs of nearly all of your patients and your business.

LoveGo helps you to:

  • Healthycare and treatment in home
  • Fishing, Walking in park.
  • Driving on plaetau road.
  • Travelling anywhere and cooking a meal outside.
  • Given LoveGo's unique capabilities and design, you can also use it as a retail opportunity for your patients looking to purchase a portable oxygen system. And LoveGo is appealing to referral sources as well.
Fishing with LoveGo Carried on the Shoulder

In a class by itself

LoveGo has more than twice the oxygen output of any POC weighing eleven pounds or less. That means that LoveGo is able to keep up with your patients’ portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.

SimplyGo Consultation

One attractive package

LoveGo’s non-clinical style and ease-of-use make it appealing to your patients. Whether it’s a walk across the street, a ride across town, or a trip across the country, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to help patients. FAA approval pending.

LoveGo comes with everything including:

  • Shoulder bag with car inverter and battery pockets
  • Two sets of oxygen medica tube(head style and earphone style)
  • Extral medica bacteria filter and humidifying tube
  • Car inverter, Lithium battery and battery charger.
  • Standard AC/DC power cords

The basic LoveGo system comes with one Lithium Ion battery so you don’t have to buy more batteries than you need. But if patients want more power, extra batteries for more time.Optional take along more batteries.

For a complete list of  LoveGo  accessories.

To request a SimplyGo demonstration, click here. To learn more, or find a SimplyGo provider near you, click here.